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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you dips last in the package they are in?

All our dips have a one year shelf life from the date of purchase. The Seafood dips do go bad as the freeze dried products have a limited life. Our Vegetable dips do not really go bad, they just lose their zest and are not as flavorful. Our Dessert mixes do not really go bad either, but the sugar starts to harden in the package and the appearance of the dips do not look as good. If you would like to keep them longer, place the packages in a freezer bag and place them in the freezer. We know they last at least 4 to 5 years like this but may last even longer. 

When we make our dips how long do they last? 

This depends on how they are kept cool and if your fridge is close to 32 degrees or closer to 40 degrees. If you take them out of the fridge and put a small amount on your plate then put the rest of the dip back in the fridge it should last to the date of the sour cream. Here is the list we commonly use:

  • If made with sour cream and Hellmanns mayonnaise - to the date of the sour cream (or mayo if the date is near it's end)
  • If made with cream cheese - to the date of the cream cheese.
  • If made with yogurt - maybe 2 days before it waters up.

Please Note: With our Seafood dips, we recommend you do not keep these longer than 7 days. After all, they do have real seafood in each mix.

How much does one package of dip make?

Our packages are designed to make 16 ounces or 2 cups of dip if you use the Sour Cream/Mayo or the Cream Cheese Recipe. If you use the Greek Yogurt or Hummus recipe only about 14 ounces of finished product.

Where are you located?

Our permanent warehouse is outside Charleston, SC. Currently we do not have a retail shop. You can reach us by mail at All Natural Dips PO Box 862, Ladson, SC 29456.  During the Spring and Summer, you can find us at the Summerville Farmer's Market on Saturdays (more information on the "Events" page).

Are all of your products gluten free?

All of our savory dip mixes are gluten free.  Most of our dessert mixes are gluten free except Cookies and Cream as it uses real Oreo Cookies in the mix.  Our Shrimp and Cheesy Grits Mix is also gluten free.  Our soups are not gluten free.  Our products are labeled accordingly.

Are your dips high in carbs? 

Our savory dips have little to no carbs (less than 1 gram per serving), even when adding the mayonnaise and sour cream to them. Our dessert dips have sugar in them, so they are not considered low in carbohydrates.  

How much salt do you add to your dips in the manufacturing?

We have low to NO salt added to our dips (currently only 4 have added salt) and all have the nutritional information listed on each package. If you need a nutrition label from a particular dip just email us and we email this to you. We are working on getting this information on our website. 

Our dips do not taste the same as yours. What did I do wrong? 

You most likely tasted them at a show where we used Hellmanns Mayonnaise and a good quality (name brand) of sour cream (usually Daisy Sour Cream).  We are consistent with our samples so yours will taste the same at home. As the directions state, we let them sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour and most often overnight. They do have better taste the next day. Also none of our dips packages are "old"....we sell them so very fast, that we have new batches made often so they are fresh when they are sold at the shows.  For those of you on the West Coast, Hellmanns Brand is also known as, "Best Foods".

Why do we not find a dessert mix bought at a show online?

We have many dessert dips (Like Pumpkiny Pied) that are seasonal and are not available year round. The No-Bake Cheesecakes flavors that we have listed on our website are the only ones that we in stock at this time. Some of our top sellers are White Chocoholic Razberry and Cookies and Cream.

Can I get the show special when I order online?

We offer the show special only at our events.  We do not offer this special online, but each of our dips are only $5 a package.  Join our mailing list for our monthly Newsletter.  We occasionally send out emails for free shipping!

Where can I purchase your Wicker Chillers (dip containers)?

We currently have limited quantities of these in stock.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please call or email us directly so we can let you know if we have any available.

How can I sell these in my store?

All we need is a State Tax ID number for Resale? Then you can go to this link: 

I would love for your company to be at this show in my hometown!  How do I send you information?

That's great! We are always looking for new events.  Unfortunately our schedule is booked a year or two in advance so we cannot make it to every event (especially short notice), but we would still love information.  Feel free to send any information (particularly vendor documents) on upcoming events in your area to our email listed below.