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Recipes and Flavors

Spinach Chicken Puffs

Using Spinach A La Licious

Need something quick and delicous?  Whip up these Spinach Chicken Puffs with some croissant rolls, chicken, cream cheese and one of our delicious dips.  Optional substitutions: Artichoke Florentine or Spinach Parm.  Use Garlic Festival as a seasoning on top!

Orange Hawaiian Tarts

Using Orange Hawaiian Dessert Mix

Love our dessert mixes?  They make excellent pies!  Here is a quick recipe to make individual tarts.  This way you don't have to attempt to cut a pie into equal parts.  Everyone can enjoy a tart.  Optional substitutions: Karibbean Key Lime, or any dessert flavor you love!

Veggie Pork Roast

Using Veggie Dipalicious

Try out our delicious Pork Roast. Here we've taken about a pound of pork roast, added our choice of veggies (corn, carrots, red potatoes, onion and tomatoes), 1/2 stick of butter, and a whole pack of Veggie Dipalicious. Cook covered an hour and 50 minutes on 350°F or until done. Serve warm! 

Dirt Cake

Using Cookies and Cream Dessert Mix

Our Cookies and Cream mix makes an excellent dirt cake! Make into a cheesecake following the recipe on the back.  Spread it into an Oreo Cookie shell. Top with gummy worms and crushed Oreos to your desire.  Substitution: Chocolate Caramel Turtle Dessert Mix

Flavor with our Dips

Artichoke Florentine

Add into quiche

Add into Alfredo Sauce for pasta

Awesome Blue Cheese
Make into Salad Dressing by making dip as per recipe on back. Add a little (less than a tablespoon) Milk or Buttermilk to thin out for dressing.

Cheddary Bacon
Add into yolk mix when making Deviled Eggs (1/4 pack to one dozen eggs)

Scoop out 2 large baked potatoes. Mix the potatoes, 1/2 pkg of dried dip to 8oz of sour cream & mix well. Repack into potato. Bake again for 20 minutes or until done.

Cucumber Dillycious
Use as tzatziki sauce with Greek chicken.
Add into your potato salad (season to your taste).

Garlic Festival
Sprinkle into your hamburger when making spaghetti sauce.
Sprinkle into tuna salad for an amazing new flavor.

Hickory Dickory Bacon
Mix into 1 1/4 LB of Hamburger, make into patties, grill and add cheese (you may also do this with Awesome Blue Cheese dip mix).

Coconutty Shrimp
Use as a dipping sauce for shrimp (in place of tartar sauce).

Sundried Tomato Bliss

Add into Meatloaf or Burgers.

Add 1/2 package to a mix of 8 oz of Lite Olive Oil and Vinegar (to taste) for dipping bread.

Veggie Dipalicious
Layered Salad
1 salad mix of your choice (or ½ head of lettuce chopped)
1 cup chopped cucumbers
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup other chopped vegetable (celery, broccoli, your choice)
1 8-10 oz package frozen green peas
2 cups already mixed All Natural Dips *Veggie Dipalicious (dips mix, 1 cup Hellmann’s Mayo, 1 cup sour cream)
1 8-oz pkg shredded medium cheddar cheese
OPTIONAL: ½ pound bacon fried crisply and broken into small pieces
Put salad mix in bottom of a large bowl. Layer one by one the vegetables. Spread the All Natural Veggie Dipalicious dip mix over the top, sealing the edges. Top with the shredded cheese. If you choose, you may top the cheese with crumbled bacon pieces. Refrigerate overnight and serve.

Lobster Bisque

Appetizer: Use the cream cheese recipe on the back of the package. Add chopped cooked shrimp, spread over large tortillas. Add your favorite shreadded cheese (ours is a Mexican cheese mix), roll up and slice into spirals.

Remember we use Hellmann’s Mayonnaise in all our recipes as it has the least sugar in its mix. Sugar changes the taste of spices, so Dukes, Blue Plate, or Miracle Whip will change the taste of the mix. All Mayonnaises taste differently so it will change the taste of your dip. 

We also use quality sour creams (like Daisy) and Cream Cheese (like Philadelphia). We have found that most store brand tend to have preservatives which alter the taste of the mixes as well.