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Our Products

All Natural, no MSG, No Preservatives.

Vegetable Dips

Simple ingredients for a sensational taste. 

Spinach a la Lishus
Artichoke Florentine
Veggie Dipalicious
Cucumber Dillycious
Spinach Parm
Garlic Festival
Sundried Tomato Bliss
Awesome Blue Cheese
Hickory Dickory Bacon
Cheddary Bacon
Broccoli Cheddarful
Cajun Commotion
Jacked Pepper Jack
Yes it’s Hot Habanero
Spicy Spicy Garlic

Seafood Dips

All seafood dips have freeze dried seafood already in the mixes.

Carolina Crab
Lobster Bisque
Asiago a Go Go Lobster
Southern Shrimp and Cheese
Coconutty Shrimp
Crawfish Creole
Spicy Spicy Crab

Dessert Mixes

All Dessert mixes make Fruit Dips, Breakfast Spreads and Cheesecake Pies.

Karribean Key Lime
Blueberry Berries and Cream
Cinnabun Crazy
White Chocoholic Razberry
Cookies and Cream
Orange Hawaiian
It's Your Birthday
Chocolate Caramel Turtle

Soup MIxes

4 Cups of Milk bring to a boil...Easy and simple.

Chicken's Pot Pie Soup
Potato Potaato Soup
She's Crabby Soup
Lobster Bisque Soup
Shrimp and Cheesy Grits